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Mar 21, 2013
In honor of April Fool’s Day, here is a strawberry fool recipe. A fool is an English dessert and the earliest written recipe showed up in the mid 17th century! You can make a fool with any fruit and add any flavoring you want, so use this recipe as a base and experiment to find your own foolish creation. Wash and chop a pint of strawberries, mix with ¼ cup sugar or... [read more]
Mar 13, 2013
Update your information here June is just around the corner and we'l soon prepare to send out patronage refund checks, Annual Reports and board election materials by postal mail. We'll also be conducting an Owner Survey by email this year. As Co-op owners, it's important to keep your contact information current. If you can answer "yes" to any of the following questions,... [read more]
Mar 12, 2013
We still have 2 weeks to go until winter is officially over, but it’s not too early to start thinking about getting a garden started. Peas are a very easy plant to grow, but they have an extremely short growing season, so you have to be ready to plant them soon. Traditionally I plant peas on St. Patrick’s Day. Planting peas is such a great project to do with children as the... [read more]
Jan 09, 2013
Are you a non-profit, tax exempt organization in Jackson or Josephine counties? Do you have an upcoming project that could use a little extra funding? Our Co-op Community Grant Program might be just what you need to get your project off the ground!In existence since the early 1980’s, the program awards grants of up to $1500 to regional tax-exempt, non-profit organizations. Our... [read more]
Dec 23, 2012
Beating Back the Straw ManCharlotte Vallaeys, The Cornucopia InstituteAs Americans become increasingly aware of the story behind conventional foods-ecologically destructive monoculture fields, petrochemical fertilizers, toxic pesticides and dangerous fumigants-agribusiness has launched an all-out media offensive against the booming organic food movement.... [read more]
Nov 27, 2012
By Alan Guerrie, Garden Coordinator   We have now gardened four seasons in our raised beds located behind the Co-op Pioneer Street Classroom. The beds provide herbs and food for the Community Oven cooking classes, Meal Solutions, and other Demos at the Culinary Kiosk. The beds, drip irrigation system and hoops have been useful to... [read more]
Nov 18, 2012
Comfort food is a commonly used term to describe an entire genre of cooking that is so individually inspired that to try to categorize the food that makes a person feel comforted when the weather is cold and snowy, and sunlight is nowhere in sight is rather daunting.  I tend to think that comfort foods are foods that remind us of childhood or young adult hood when we... [read more]
Nov 01, 2012
By Charlotte Vallaeys from the Cornocopia InstututeFor the first time, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has weighed in on organic foods for children.  Its news release was widely covered in the national media.While the AAP should be commended for acknowledging the potentially harmful effects of pesticide residues on conventional foods, their report—and... [read more]
Oct 26, 2012
Co-op Month is all but over and the International Year of Cooperatives has a couple of months left to go. Here at AFC, we vow to keep the co-op fires burning into the future. We don't really need a year or a month to celebrate our cooperative difference. The cooperative sector of the global economy is growing and empowering more people every day.As we move... [read more]
Oct 18, 2012
[The following opinion piece was written by our fellow cooperator Barth Anderson. Barth is chief blogger at Fair Food Fight. He has roughly 20 years experience with the natural foods industry, working as grocery stocker, produce buyer, marketer, and organic certification coordinator at various natural foods co-ops across the country. Barth is also the author of two novels, The... [read more]