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Jul 23, 2013
It never ceases to amaze me, just how delicious a piece of grilled fruit can be. The natural sweetness of the fruit mixes with the smokiness of the grill and it is truly delicious. Here is a modified version of our Mango Salsa made with grilled fruits, perfect for your next fish taco dinner, enjoy!1 large slice of watermelon, keep rind on for grilling 2 large slices of galia... [read more]
Jul 18, 2013
 Our Annual Report details our accomplishments and financial health to keep our ownership informed of our progress. 2012 was a banner year in many ways.Read all about how the Cooperative Principles guide us in the Board President's report from Gwyneth Bowman. General manager Richard Katz, now retired, writes about our sales growth, last year's union drive and outcome, and... [read more]
Jul 15, 2013
Hopefully, everyone is taking great care of their skin this summer by using sunscreen before they go out into the sun and reapplying often when sweating and while enjoying the water. Prevention is always the best remedy, but inevitably someone, usually me, will always overdo it and need some relief. Most important to remember when you are sun burnt, the body needs to... [read more]
Jul 11, 2013
The AFC Board of Directors election has concluded. We welcome incumbent Gwyneth Bowman back for another 3 year term and we are pleased to announce that candidate Gary Einhorn has been elected to his first 3 year term. We are also happy to announce that the proposed bylaw amendments also passed with flying colors. This now brings our bylaws into compliance with current State... [read more]
Jul 08, 2013
The sun is shining and the weather is sweet! I am training to run a half marathon next month, and I have been experimenting with making my own energy bars as I have found that when eaten before my runs, they tend to sit well in my tummy and give me the fuel that I need to get through the next mile. Here is a simple recipe that is a great to fuel your next outdoor adventure... [read more]
Jul 02, 2013
The fourth of July is a great time to go camping, enjoy picnics and BBQ with friends and family. Following a few simple tips will ensure you have a fun food safe holiday. Wash your hands before you work with food, whenever you change tasks, and after you are done. Keep in mind hand sanitizer does not replace hand washing when it comes to food safety. Avoid cross... [read more]
Jun 27, 2013
I have been pondering so many ideas for this blog lately. I wanted something I haven’t previously written about and it is always helpful if the subject matter is meaningful to me as well. Mining for ideas, I cruised through the Deli Department today at the Co-op and shouted out, “Name a culinary delight that makes you think of summer!” There was a tiny moment of silence... [read more]
Jun 18, 2013
This Friday marks the official start to summer, also known as the Summer Solstice. The day and night will be equal in length and although hot weather is just beginning, the days will start to get shorter until autumn arrives. It always seems such a paradox to me that summer, for which I have been so impatiently waiting, also brings with it the shortening of the days. So, no... [read more]
Jun 10, 2013
Here is the recipe for the Muhammara dip that we make and sell in the Deli grab n go. The batch size has been reduced quite a bit so feel free to add a little more or less of whatever you feel it needs to create the taste profile you are looking for. Remember there are as many versions of Muhammara as there are people that make it so don’t be afraid to experiment and create... [read more]
May 31, 2013
I am always on the lookout for new ideas and recipes to make in our deli. Recently, I was visiting Seattle and my sister took me to her favorite spot to get mezze. There I experienced a dip nestled in the middle of the hummus and the baba ganoush that knocked my socks off with the perfect combination of deep smokiness, nutty sweetness and tanginess right at the finish and I... [read more]