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Let’s face it, the holidays can be stressful. With the gift-giving, the cooking, the decorations and the parties, the festivities can seem more like work than a vacation. That’s where we come in. Order our Deli’s ready-to-heat and serve Thanksgiving meal to make your holiday a breeze. We make everything from scratch and all recipes use the highest quality ingredients. This... Read More
The holiday season is upon us. Amidst the shopping frenzies, family gatherings, and parties it can be hard to remember this is also a season of giving. Luckily, you have us and we are making it easy for you to give back. During the month of November, Co-op shoppers can nourish their own families and help fight hunger in the Rogue Valley. Over the years, Smart Chicken® and... Read More
With all the abundance the Rogue Valley has to offer, it's easy to support and love all things local. We’ve got local fruits, veggies, meat, beer, wine, and vitamins! “Loving local” is a healthy addiction, at least we think so, and one that we want to get all our friends hooked on. At the Ashland Food Co-op, we are dedicating a whole week to our local farmers and producers.... Read More
Football season is here and I must admit, I’m not a huge football fan. I don’t have a favorite team. I don’t bleed green and yellow. I don’t really care who wins. But I absolutely love football foods. Chicken wings, nachos, chips, salsa, guacamole, ribs, burgers, the list goes on. Because football can be so delicious, I’m always on board for a good tailgating party. When it... Read More
No doubt the watermelon has been dominating every backyard BBQ you’ve attended lately. From salad, cocktails, to dessert, I’ve tried watermelon every which way and then some. They are in their sweet, juicy prime and the possibilities are endless. But what about those other melons? It’s not a surprise that the cantaloupe often takes a back seat to its colorful cousin, the... Read More
There is a hint of fall in the air, and that makes me giddy! I love this time of transition, the sweet warm days of summer will soon turn into the crisp nights of fall. My tomato plants are finally producing, and have a plethora of flowers and fruit. A gardener friend told me not long ago that around the third week of August, it’s time to pinch flowers, to allow your green... Read More
When I think about the flavors of summer I am immediately transported back to a house party a few years ago, where a friend served crackers, goat cheese, basil and tomatoes. This snack is a great example of how simple dishes and seasonal produce can win over your taste buds! Tomatoes are at the peak of their season. Their compadre basil is also busting a move. A big thanks... Read More
Do you ever find yourself staring, well let’s be honest drooling, at an array of fresh, golden peaches? Only to get home and find the four you bought are too soft or juiceless or just plain not as good as they look on the outside? It’s a common grocery store conundrum. Everyone has that one fruit or vegetable that plagues them. For me, it’s the fig. I love figs. But for the... Read More
Tis’ the season of zucchini! The summer squash, if not already, will soon be filling up your garden. It’s time to pull out your recipes for zucchini bread, zucchini brownies, or zucchini fritters and get cooking! From baking to sautéing to frying, zucchini is very versatile. But there may be some uses you haven’t tried, such as substituting zucchini in your kimchi recipe or... Read More
If you’ve been in the store this last month you’ve seen the stacks of luscious stone fruit slowly taking over our produce aisles. We’ve had peaches from Washington, as well as Ashland’s Valley View Orchards, and any day now we’ll have local Rolling Hills peaches. Both Valley View and Rolling Hills handpick and pack their peaches, meaning they can stay on the tree long enough... Read More