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Sep 03, 2013
Some friends recently bought a house within walking distance to ours, and so the other day we walked over to welcome them to the neighborhood. Upon our arrival, I was absolutely delighted and astounded to see the abundant fruit trees and grape vines that are part of their property. The original owners had obviously taken great care of these trees, because although they need... [read more]
Aug 27, 2013
I don’t always cook with cast iron while camping. Utilizing heavy duty foil is another great way to make delicious meals over the campfire. The difference in the finished product of cast iron vs. foil cooking is cooking in foil tends to lend itself better to steaming inside the pouch which is perfect for cooking fish to a tender consistency. Here is my favorite foil pouch... [read more]
Aug 22, 2013
Jackson County residents are welcome to participate in Josephine County's Household Hazardous Waste Drop Off event. What do you have hanging around at your house that is toxic and needs to be disposed of?  
Aug 20, 2013
To continue on my cast iron theme for the month of August, I share with you another super simple and delicious recipe that is easy to make over a campfire. Like I mentioned earlier in this series, cast iron is a spectacular non stick pan if seasoned correctly. If not well seasoned, well…you get scrambled eggs with black specks in them which is what happened every time my dad... [read more]
Aug 15, 2013
Here are some great tips to support healthy lungs!Antioxidants are famous cell protectors during oxidative stress from pollutants in the air. Formulas with Turmeric, Green Tea, Rosemary, CoQ10, and vitamin E are great choices.Chlorophyll is a wonderful way to boost oxygen and energy levels during times of heavy smoke saturation in the environment. Add a dropper to your water... [read more]
Aug 13, 2013
You can cook anything over a campfire if you have cast iron. They can withstand the direct flame and intense heat that campfires are known for. Although I do love to cook, I tend to plan for more simple recipes while camping. I want to fill my days with hiking and swimming, kayaking and fishing and by the end of the day I want dinner to be simple and delicious. There is... [read more]
Aug 09, 2013
So many local and organically grown foods can assist your lungs in managing this onslaught of smoke and can be found in our abundant produce department:• Dark greens and golden-orange vegetables are full of beta-carotene, a key nutrient in protecting the lungs. Examples are: carrots, winter squash, broccoli, parsley, kale and wheatgrass. The green veggies noted are also rich... [read more]
Aug 07, 2013
 Homeless Animals Have Friends in FOTASFriends of the Animal Shelter (FOTAS) was founded in 1990 to support the animals at the Jackson County Shelter. FOTAS has hundredsl of volunteers who walk dogs, socialize cats, and provide financial support to spay/neuter efforts. FOTAS also works with local teachers to provide educational opportunities to students throughout Jackson... [read more]
Aug 06, 2013
One of the beautiful things about cooking with cast iron is its ability to hold a non stick surface without a chemical coating. This comes about from never using soap on your cast iron and keeping it properly seasoned. To season a new pan, preheat your oven to 300 degrees, while it’s preheating coat the pan in grease, lard, or oil. My grandma always used bacon fat, but I use... [read more]
Jul 30, 2013
My collection of cast iron pots and pans are some of my most heartfelt and extremely heavy treasures. They originally were my grandma’s and when she couldn’t lift them anymore she passed them on to my mom and when she couldn’t lift them anymore she passed them on to me. When I use them, I like to imagine all of the family meals that have been cooked in these vessels: Grandma... [read more]