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Oct 15, 2013
In addition to the no meat or shellfish rule at my daughter’s school, there is also a no sugar rule for lunchboxes. So, Stella and I did some baking last weekend to come up with some yummy refined sugar free treats that we could pack into her lunch for the entire week. The recipe is a collage of many different recipes that were all close, but not quite. We had such a nice time... [read more]
Oct 15, 2013
Packing a lunch for your child to take to school requires proper planning to avoid the lunches you pack ending up in the garbage or traded away. As we approached the school year, I purchased all of the required lunch box reusable paraphernalia required, and got to work packing lunches. Now only 30 days into the school year, my daughter has exclaimed “if I have to eat another... [read more]
Oct 15, 2013
As we come to the conclusion of our boozy fruit series, I want to give you some other ideas to try. I have been having so much fun with this idea and have come up with some pretty exciting combinations that I cannot wait to taste! So far, I have preserved blackberries in bourbon, apples in brandy, plums in brandy, figs in rum, figs in gin and peaches in gin. I am looking... [read more]
Oct 15, 2013
AFC has been recognized for our efforts to determine GMOs in the products we sell. We were selected from a field of more than 150 stores that were nominated by hundreds of consumers from around the country.“As demand grows for organic, locally and sustainably grown, truthfully labeled non-GMO foods, hundreds of food retailers are rising to the occasion,” said Ronnie Cummins,... [read more]
Oct 15, 2013
This October, one billion cooperators around the globe will celebrate all the ways cooperative enterprise builds a better world. There are 30,000 co-ops in the United States, with Americans holding 350 million co-op memberships. In nearly every part of the economy, people have joined together to do business more effectively, or to get the products and services they need – from... [read more]
Oct 15, 2013
Jackson Co. Plastic Round-up, Oct 25-26, 9:00 – 4:00Nursery pots, bubble wrap, baling twine, snack food bags, cassettes, discs, irrigation components, lawn chairs and toys are among the long list of plastics accepted for recycling at the Jackson County Plastic Round-up. Gather plastic from your home, garden, garage and business to keep it out of the landfill, and have it... [read more]
Sep 09, 2013
As promised, this week we are going to learn a little more about preserving fruit in alcohol, something I like to call Boozy Fruit. If you’ve never canned anything and/or the idea of cooking, stirring, and sterilizing jars is NOT your idea of a fun thing to do on a Saturday, then boozy fruit is for you. Once ready, boozy fruit can be baked into cakes, made into ice cream,... [read more]
Sep 06, 2013
Come join us for Love Local Week at the Co-op!Check here for the schedule!Support and connect with our neighbors and local entrepreneurs during Love Local Week, Sunday, September 8 through Saturday, September 14. Stop by the Culinary Kiosk anytime during the week and be wowed by the many great local products produced in our region. To name a few: Herb Pharm, Wild Carrot,... [read more]
Sep 05, 2013
Last apple season, Ashland Food Co-op donated $10,887.39 to the Rogue Valley Farm to School Program. We are pleased that our efforts are acknowledged by RVF2S Board Member, David Tourzan.