Acai Bowls

What is Acai? Acai is considered the king of the superfoods. It is a tiny purple palm fruit that is a staple food for people of the Amazon. Açaí is rich in antioxidants (specifically anthocyanins like those found in red wine) and healthy fats similar to olive oil, plus it has no sugar. This combo makes açaí a powerhouse of satisfying nutrition. We take the Acai berry and blend it with bananas, house made cashew milk or apple juice depending on the bowl you choose and top it with a variety of healthy and delicious toppings like coconut, cashews, our housemade granola and fresh fruit. The result is a very thick frozen mixture that you can eat with a spoon. We are requesting that no substitutions or deletions be made to the Acai bowls because changing the ingredients also changes the texture of the finished product and we want them to be a product that we have tried and tested to be absolutely delicious! Please note that the Acai bowls take a little longer to make and we ask for your patience and understanding. Thank you.

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