Beans and Rice

I want to take the time to explain how we will sell our Basic Pricing Beans & Rice after the remodel, to make sure you have time to understand the changes.  All beans and rice will still be priced within our Basic Pricing model.  However, they will no longer be self-serve.  We will no longer have enough hot wells out in the customer area to accommodate this program, so it made sense to build it into our made-to-order burrito bar program. 

You will order Beans and/or Rice through the register. You can choose all pinto, all black or half pinto and half black beans; you can add rice to your beans or just order rice by itself.  In addition, there will be other choices like adding salsa, cheese, olives, sour cream, and a number of other toppings for your beans and rice.  After you pay, you will receive a receipt that you can match up to your order when it appears in the pick-up area.  We will also be selling our sliced meats and cheeses through the registers, so orders will be taken in ¼ lb increments only.  You will simply go to one of the two registers, order ¼ lb or ½ lb or 2 ½ lbs, as much or little as you like as long as it is in ¼ lb increments.  After you pay and receive your receipt, your order will be waiting in the pick-up area as soon as we complete it.  We are hoping that these changes will make us more efficient and make your shopping experience that much more delightful! 

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