Crack An Egg Into It!

In my family growing up we all seemed to have a favorite breakfast that we enjoyed and would make for the rest of the family on weekends and special holidays. My brother seemed to favor one eyed jacks also known as eggs in the basket, one in the hole, hen in a nest and most likely many other names. Essentially the idea is that you take a piece of bread and butter it, cut out a hole in the middle and crack an egg into the hole so that it cooks up perfectly in the middle of the bread. This is a brilliant way to eat these two ingredients as you can’t help but get a little of each in every bite.

Stella and I have been getting creative with the concept lately and have come up with some really fun takes on the classic one eyed jack. Some of Stella’s favorites are to use a waffle or a pancake instead of the piece of bread, bagels work too! We have also made these with slices of acorn squash. We sliced an acorn squash and brushed the slices with olive oil and baked in the oven until soft. Then, we put it on the griddle and cracked an egg into it! We have lined muffin tins with prosciutto and baked until solid and then cracked an egg into them and continue baking until the egg was set.

Also not the same as the traditional concept, but still fun and delicious is to bake an egg into the hole of an avocado. We even got really decadent one morning and cut a hole into a big slice of ham and cracked an egg into it! Honestly, that was probably my favorite. I guess we have been thinking a lot about eggs recently as spring approaches and the little chicks are at the Grange. We are going to get some ducks this year and raise them for eggs, guess we better start looking for some bigger foods that we can crack an egg into!

Michelle, Deli Manager