Deli Remodel

Just a reminder everyone, the Deli Department will close this Sunday the 22nd at 7 pm and reopen (fingers crossed) on Tuesday July 1st at 7 am.  The inside eating area will be closed during that time frame as well.  We apologize for the inconvenience this causes and have heard many customers fret about where they are going to eat while we remodel.  We take this feedback as proof that we are indeed meeting our community’s need in our daily work here in the Deli. 
If you haven’t tried Sammich down near campus behind Mihama, I suggest you give them a visit.  Also nearby and usually pretty quick are Koko’s outside of Ace Hardware and Martolli’s down in the plaza.  We look forward to reopening our doors and introducing you all to the changes.  Keep in mind the rest of the store will be open the entire time the deli is closed and our grab n go will remain open and hopefully have some deli choices in it for you to purchase.  Wish us luck and thank you for your support!

Here are links to a few local alternatives

Sammich Ashland
Koko's Bento Dog Cafe

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