Deli Remodel Planned for Summer

You may have heard through the grapevine that a Deli remodel is in the works. I want to take this opportunity to begin the process of communicating the changes to you.

As you know, the Deli register stationed in front of the Juice Bar creates quite a cross traffic flow that makes it difficult for customers to shop. For this reason, we’ll be removing that Deli register and the existing salad bar to redesign our department with more room for customers to shop, coupled with more efficient and safe work spaces for our employees to enjoy. We plan to add a “made to order” burrito and taco bar, acai bowls and kombucha on tap along with some design changes that will make our Deli even better!

Our remodel will happen sometime in June and it looks like the Deli will be closed for at least 7 days. While we are closed we are going to take advantage of the opportunity to resurface our floors in the kitchen and front of house area. This is a long overdue project and will assure a more sanitary environment for our employees for years to come. As the remodel date nears we will communicate with you via Facebook, Twitter, our website and newsletter to deliver information that will hopefully help you to navigate this transition with as little inconvenience as possible. Stay tuned more details to come!

Michelle, Deli Manager