Deli reopens July 1st

First, let me start by saying thank you all so much for your understanding and patience while the deli is closed. We are excited to provide an upgraded workspace for our employees and a more enjoyable shopping experience for our customers. The biggest change you will notice when we open the doors is that you will place your orders for our juice, coffee & smoothie bar, burritos and sandwiches through 2 registers that will be staffed by our talented and helpful front end cashiers.

We expect the first few days of our new ordering system will have some kinks to iron out and we ask that everyone do their best to be patient until we all learn the new process. Deli staff will be close by to help answer all of the food questions that will inevitably arise, until the cashiers are up to speed. After you place your order you will immediately pay and then we will begin making your food and drinks. Pick up will be to your right at a designated PICK UP HERE counter. Your order receipt will be taped to your product so you can tell what is yours. Remember to hold on to your receipt as you order number will be on it, and if you are a member your name will appear on the receipt. We thank you all for your support and understanding during this time of change for us. We look forward to having the space we need to serve our community’s needs for handcrafted local organic and seasonal foods in a more enjoyable and efficient manner. See you on Tuesday July 1st at 7 am!

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