It’s a date! Deli Remodel

After almost a year of planning and organizing we finally have a date for our deli remodel.  Please note that this may change by a day on either side, but we are hoping that we can commit to the dates of being closed from June 20th through the 28th.  We are hoping to reopen on Sunday June 29th.  Please keep in mind that the deli department will be closed these dates, but the rest of the store will remain open, including the grab n go.  We will do our best to stockpile enough bakery items and foods for the grab n go to at least keep the grab n go full for the 5 day shelf life rule that we follow. 

If there is anything that we make that you can’t live without, drop me a suggestion card and we will do our best to get it into the grab n go.  On the 19th, our last day open, I anticipate having some limits on what we will offer, as our goal will be to completely sell out of everything by closing on the 19th, that we cannot put in the grab n go.  We realize this will be an inconvenience for so many of us in the community that rely on the Deli to provide fresh, organic and healthy foods on a daily basis.  We appreciate your patience and understanding as we undertake this change, and are excited to show you the results!

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