Our First Month

It is hard to believe that the new Deli has been open for a month now. We have had great success from the very start with quite a few learning opportunities as well. Thank you all for taking the time to voice your frustrations, concerns, suggestions, ideas and praise. I personally read each and every suggestion card and made sure we either responded via phone, email or by posting the card on the board. Sometimes you just wrote that we need napkins in the dining room and instead of responding, I just went and put napkins out there.

It has been a wild ride! By the time this blog is posted I think we will have solved quite a few of the areas that we deemed as the highest priority concerns. The coffee bar is now most likely pushed back by about a foot and a half relieving some of the pinch point in that area. The menus are most likely redesigned as well, making them easier on the eyes and hopefully easier to navigate. The deli employees are almost certainly learning to read our order tickets more quickly with less error. Thank you all for your patience and understanding as we all traversed the change. This was a challenging and exciting change for us all! We appreciate your continued support and suggestions as we are far from a finished product, but with your caring eyes and participation we will continue to identify the challenges and work hard to solve them.

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