Spring is here!

I have been noticing flowering trees and bushes for weeks now and recently, there is even some serious growth in our greenhouse.  Spring is the perfect time to cleanse your system and eating greens is a perfect way to do so.  Although, eating greens is a year round activity in my family, I like to throw some of the less tame greens into the mix every spring.  Greens like dandelion, mustard, turnip, arugula, and radicchio which I really enjoy although don’t prepare often have a bitter spiciness that wakes up the palate after a long winter of roots and kale.  I find that when I shy away from foods it is mostly because I am unfamiliar with them and maybe don’t have any history eating or cooking them, which in this case is true.  I grew up eating my share of spinach, chard and kale but dandelion and mustard greens, not so much. 

A simple and delicious way to prepare these greens is to heat a little coconut oil in a pan and throw in some garlic and shallots to cook just for a couple of minutes.  After that add your chopped greens and some stock to cook them down until they are soft enough for your enjoyment.  When the greens are cooked you can add a variety of toppings to enhance their flavor.  Some of my favorites:  chopped macadamia nuts or cashews, balsamic vinegar, curry powder, or even parmesan if you eat dairy.  The most important thing is that you experiment and in the process eat your greens.  Happy Spring!

Michelle, Deli Manager

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