Welcome to our Deli!

Wow, what an exciting process this has been! We appreciate all of the creative solutions that you must have come up with over the course of the last 8 days as you entered the store and found our deli closed. I spoke with many of you during that time and truly got a sense of how important the deli is to our community as a place for healthy and delicious foods and as a central gathering spot. During the days the deli was closed, the store was a little quieter; parking wasn’t as much of an issue and the courtyard was void of the abundant life and music and conversation that usually fills it. Customers from out of town entered the store looking forward to experiencing the deli that they had heard about and read reviews about and were saddened to have missed the opportunity to try it. I have been managing the deli in one way or another for 9 years, but I am so often behind the scenes that it was very eye opening for me to receive another perspective on what we do here and the impact that we have. I am very thankful for the doors to have reopened. I am excited to again smell the familiar smells of the curry tempeh in the oven, the sweetness that the bakery creates and even the overwhelming smell of the onions I look forward to! I ask that this first week we all try to take a conscious breath and be patient as we adjust to the changes. We will try to have our full line-up of foods just as soon as we can catch up and hope that you will enjoy some of the new products we are offering like our acai bowls, the burrito bar program and Brew Dr. Kombucha on tap. Wondering what acai is? Stay tuned next week and I’ll fill you in on all the delicious details. Thank you all for your support.

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