Why Remodel the Deli?

As we near the 3 week mark of the reopening of the deli, I want to take this time to thank all of you that have been supportive and patient during this change. We have all experienced a pretty steep learning curve this month. You, the customers, are learning how to order and navigate our department, the cashiers are learning a new POS ordering system, and the deli employees are learning how to read new tickets and navigate their new work space. Some customers have been frustrated during this change and have asked why we did it. The main reason we decided to change the department was to give our staff a safer place to work. This has been long overdue and with the ever increasing demand for the food we provide, we had to make changes. The new department provides more work space for employees and they are very happy with the changes. We also wanted to improve the customer flow within the department and we feel that in many ways we have done so. The self serve area has more room with fewer obstacles than before. There are certainly challenges that the new design provides and we are committed to continue to look at these from as many perspectives as possible and work towards solutions. Thank you all for taking the time to voice your suggestions and opinions. We welcome your feedback. 

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