Cooking Classes

Food as Medicine, A 3-Part Series: Healing the Digestive Tract


Food is the medicine we eat to give our bodies the information and sustenance needed to function properly. Join us for a 3-part series with Victoria as she takes us on a journey through healing our digestive tract, building immunity and finding restorative sleep again. Victoria is dedicated to teaching her students how to unhook from the diet trends and over supplementation to return our bodies to a natural balance. You can take one or all three classes.

Apple, Pumpkin, and Pear Pies, Oh My!


Come and spend an evening making pies with the "Pie Lady" so you can be ready for those upcoming holiday feasts! First we'll take some time to examine the basic principles of creating flaky pie crust. Then we will put those skills to use and make three delicious desserts: Dutch Apple Pie, Pumpkin Pecan Pie, and an Almond Pear Tart. We'll also demonstrate how to make a gluten-free crust!


Soup Kitchen Wisdom

A good soup is perhaps the ultimate winter comfort food. Victoria knows that soups can also be a vehicle for immune support and healing. In this class she will teach you how to make your own simple broth, infused with herbal medicines that meet your current health needs. You will also learn how to use her easy to use soup triangle that teaches even beginners how to build soups, from scratch that have optimal flavor and nutrition.

Easy Holiday Party Food

Whether you like it or not, the holidays are right around the corner. But don’t stress, Chef Kristen will teach you how to prep and prepare with ease for your next party. Learn to create a crowd pleasing appetizer platter that will save you time and most importantly, be fun. This class features six easy appetizers and three different dishes you will assemble and take home.

Soup to Nuts

Loving local is easy this time of year. Enjoy local fare to it’s fullest, and healthiest, with Chef Jeff Hauptman. Chef Jeff will demonstrate his professional skills and techniques to prepare a complete plant based dinner using local and seasonal produce. This Soup to Nuts Fall menu includes a Cauliflower and Celery Root Soup, Land and Sea Grated Vegetable Salad, Hearty Chickpea and Fall Vegetable Stew, Wild Mushroom and Spinach in Fillo Cups and for dessert, a Caramelized Pears with Dried Cherries and Chocolate Sauce.

Eating for Longevity (whole foods vs. processed foods)

Fight the aging process with whole foods. Health Coach and Cookbook Author, Rhoda Mozorosky, will walk you through how to prepare healthy meals with age-defying antioxidants. Learn how to prepare milk from almonds, cashew nuts, and hemp seeds. Enjoy raw beet soup which your liver will love. Prepare crackers made with the pulp of vegetable juices and treat yourself with ice cream made from whole fruits. Also, learn how to prepare high energy nut-fruit balls without sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Understanding Core Imbalances

In this class we will cover all of the basic Food as Medicine principles. Whether it is digestive issues, inflammation, insomnia, illness, blood pressure, skin issues, nutritional imbalance or general health you are looking to address, this class will become the foundation for how you plan and prepare your meals in order to reach optimal health and well being.