Cooking Classes

Tea and Chocolate

Since time immemorial, the afternoon tea tradition has been celebrated. Dainty cakes, pastries and tea sandwiches are common accompaniments. What may not be well known to tea lovers is that chocolate and tea are a match made in heaven! Chocolate brings out the varietal aspect of many teas. Sample six different teas each with an accompanying chocolate. Teas used in the class will all be loose leaf purchased at the Co-op. Pointers for steeping will be included as a part of the class. Please come with a clean palate (avoid garlic for lunch).

Eat Like a Rock Star!

Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, Alicia Silverstone, and Sting can eat whatever they want but all chose to follow the Macrobiotic diet.  Aren’t you curious?  Enjoy unique, tasty and crazy healthy recipes from Roanne and see what you think.  On the menu:  Tofu Feta Salad Wrap, Soba ‘n’ Spice Dragon Bowl, Nourishing Matchstick roots, Salt Brine Dilly Pickle, and Sassy Oat Yogurt Parfait.

Middle Eastern Street Foods

Street food has come of age and increasingly, formal dining is being nudged aside in favor of meze style spreads.  Create a full course dinner based on tasty Middle Eastern street foods and drinks. On the appetizer menu: Lebanese Flat Bread with a Pepper- Walnut Spread plus Potato, Hummus and Egg Patties. A trio of on the go sandwiches are next:  Shawrama Flat Bread with traditional Falafel;  Harissa and Sardine Sandwich; and Gozleme, a Lamb Pastry Savory Sandwich.  Beverages are paired with each sandwich.  Sweets include Saffron Ice Cream and Date and Pistachio Sweet Balls.

The Chef and the Winemaker's Feast

Taste and sip your way through an elegant dinner as you learn cooking and wine pairing techniques from two experts.  Menu includes: Turkey Sausage in Puff Pastry with Chardonnay Mustard; Arugula and Blue Cheese Salad with Pomegranate Vinaigrette; Pepper Crusted Short Ribs Braised in Red Wine; Roasted Butternut Squash with Caramelized Onions.  For dessert Dark Chocolate Cake with Red Wine glaze. Make this a date night and each receive $5 off the price of the class!

Lille Belle Farms Chocolate

Join Master Chocolatier, Jeff shepherd for a fun evening of chocolate tasting and confection making.  While you taste samples of chocolate made from beans from various countries, Jeff will guide the class through the terroir of each chocolate.  The second part of the class will be an in depth, hands on truffle making demonstration.  Plan on getting messy!  Each participant will be able to take home the chocolates that are made.

Cocoa Nirvana

Indulge your Valentine sweet tooth sugar free!  Julianne will whip up fast, easy and divinely delicious chocolate desserts all sweetened with stevia.  Enjoy Chocolate Mousse, Dark Chocolate Candy Bars and Chocolate Cupcakes, all sugar free, gluten free and dairy free. Also gain some insight into the health benefits of chocolate minus the blood sugar swings and excess sugar calories.

Dinner with Tiazza: The Art of the Moroccan Pastilla

Pastillas have a rich and colorful culinary tradition dating back to the 15 century. Join in the process of making this festive sweet/savory dish with layers of stuffing wrapped in a very thin, crispy pastry crust laced with honey and spices.  The Pastillas prepared in class will be vegetarian and paired with optional wine.  Don’t miss this chance to share in a Moroccan feast day food and of course hear more about Tiazza’s life in the Berber villages.

Unique Sauce Variations from the Italian Mother!

Once you know how to build the basic Mother sauce, you can easily create some of Italy’s most flavorful dishes.  Taste the freshness of a  Pomodoro served with Farfalle Pasta, the spiciness of a Penne Arrabbiata (angry) Sauce, the multiple layers of a Cappellini (angel hair) Rustica, and finally the excitement of a Putanesca (in the style of the whore) with capers, black olives and herbs. Now that’s amore!

Beer Magic in the Kitchen

This event has been cancelled.

Pairing beer with food is fun, but cooking with it opens up whole new worlds of flavor!  Ginger has shopped the bulk aisle for some of her favorite economy ingredients. Then drawing on her extensive knowledge of beer nuances, she’ll create some memorable recipes: Grown Up Pork & Beans, Savory Hummus and Chocolate Stout Cake.  

This event has been cancelled.