Cooking Classes

Fermenting Vegetables for Flavor and Gut Health

Boost the nutrition and flavor of vegetables with this simple, safe (and ancient) technique. There’s a lot of information swirling around about the benefits of eating fermented foods. We will help you navigate this food, including the difference between prebiotics and probiotics and how they affect your health. We will demonstrate how to ferment nutritional powerhouse ingredients such as turmeric and other vegetables and herbs to reap maximum benefits and flavor. Take home recipes and a jar to watch the process in action as it ferments on your counter.

Middle Eastern Mezze

Mezze is the Middle Eastern version of Italian Antipasto or Spanish Tapas. These small servings served before the main course can take the simple form of dips, koftas and frittatas!

Mezze dishes are there to tempt the palate before a main course. However, such is the array of dishes to be enjoyed, you can also make a mezze selection the entire meal.

Make it Saucy

Turn everyday meals into impressive and fabulous with these flavor packed sauce recipes.  We will make Cilantro Coconut Lime, Tahini Dill, Miso Lemon Ginger,  and Cashew Chipotle sauces as well as a gravy from bone broth.  Shannon will discuss how to adapt these recipes for special needs diets including GAPS, Candida and general cleansing.

Breaking the Chocolate Barrier


Valentine’s day is just around the corner. It is always nice to give your sweetie a special handmade gift.  Have you ever thought of making something for them with chocolate? In this class Charlie will demonstrate how you can easily temper chocolate at home, show you the basic tools and then how to put it all together to make something your sweetheart will always remember. Taste everything we make in class and walk away with a detailed handout.  Hint: We will be working with hazelnuts as one of the creations

Ghee Making, Spice Blending, and other Indian Recipes

In this class participants will learn how to make ghee, an integral part of Indian cooking. We will then explore the proper method of blending spices for maximum flavor and health benefits. Using a handmade curry spice blend we will season Dahl, a lentil soup. In the hands on aspect of class, participants will have the opportunity to roll out Chapatis, an Indian flatbread, to compliment our meal. We will finish off our menu with a traditional and delicious Indian dessert recipe. Rose will also share a delicious spicy chai recipe.


Kidtastic Cooking

Did your New Year's resolutions include cooking from scratch, eating better, and prioritizing family time? Join Rogue Valley Farm to School educators in the Co-op kitchen and learn to cook family friendly recipes with seasonal produce. In class  we will discuss age appropriate kitchen tasks, and all students will safely practice knife skills. We will prepare and taste Chef Salads with homemade dressings, and Vegetable Fritters with dipping sauces. Additional recipes will be included in the recipe packet that you and your children can prepare together, even on a busy weeknight.

Jump Start your Spring Garden

The days are getting longer and it’s time to start planning your Spring and Summer garden! Sign up now for this class designed to help you with the planning, preparation and seed selection of varieties that grow well in this area. From first time gardeners to well weathered ones, this class will have plenty for everyone.  We’ll include instruction on seed starting, caring for starts and transplanting into your garden.  We’ll spend time in the Co-op’s Four Season Culinary garden reviewing drip irrigation, raised-beds, methods to extend the growing season, and natural pest control.

Delights of India

Come, be tantalized by the textures, flavors, spices and colors of authentic Indian food! Learn how to make Appetizer Aloo Tikki spiced patties with a delicious sauce, main dishes Biryani Rice and Goan Fish Curry- Fish Filets and Vegetables in coconut curry, and Dessert-Tapioca Pearl Kheer.

You will learn special, yet simple techniques to use spices synergistically to boost the immune system, aid digestion and liver function. We will be doing a Sanskrit food mantra blessing.

This class is Gluten and Dairy Free.