Cooking Classes

Food as Medicine: Everything Bone Broth!

Learn how to select bones, make bone broth, add medicinal qualities to address specific health needs, and how to store bone broth for use all winter. We will review all current studies and nutritional information about bone broth and how to use it to build and maintain health. During class you will enjoy a bone broth Beef Stew. Pre-made bone broth will be available for purchase after class.


Special price

This 2 hour class is $30 Co-op Owners, $35 General Public


Holiday Breads Made Easy!

*** This event has been cancelled ***

It could be time to change up the usual holiday cookie baking routine with the kids! See how easy it is to make these four different European Holiday Breads from Italy, Greece, Germany and Denmark. Go through all of the steps to make each of them with Henry’s guidance.

You may stay after class to bake your bread, or take it home and finish it in your own oven.

How to Eat Sweet

**This event has been cancelled**

The holidays are here, and we’re all going to do it…we’re going to eat sweet. How does eating sweet impact our health and how do we eat sweet with the smallest negative impact?

Join us to learn about how your body reacts to sweets and a few delicious sweet (and healthy) treats that you AND your body will enjoy!

Raw Cacao Treats

Do you love raw cacao chocolates?  Want ideas for yummy gifts for the holidays?  Come learn how easy it is to make various raw cacao treats that are low glycemic and full of nutrients.  We will make basic Cacao Chocolates, Cacao Cashew Chia Bark, and Cacao Caramels.  Leave class with your own treats in decorative wrapping.  All recipes are dairy-free, soy-free and gluten-free

Holiday Cocktail Party

Come learn how to craft a cocktail party to impress. Chef Jeff will show you the step by step process, while you taste samples of each recipe.

On the menu: Baked Brie en Croute with Almonds and Apricot, Holiday Salmon with Cucumber Garnish and Lemon Aioli, Decorative Vegetable Crudités Platter with Eggplant Dip, Brown Rice and Vegetable Nori Rolls, Raspberry Trifle, and Cranberry Champagne Punch.

Healing Tonics

Concoctions to Increase Energy, Boost Immunity, Enhance Memory,  Ease Digestion, and Support Daily Health and Wellness

Rather than waiting until we get sick and then trying to treat the illness, tonics offer a proactive step in strengthening and building the body.

Come learn how to prepare these nutrient, vitamin and mineral rich drinks that can help prevent colds and flu’s, reduce inflammation, boost iron stores, and soothe digestion.