Cooking Classes

Entertain Gluten-Free

Joanie has years of experience with both savory and sweet gluten free cooking so join her to cook, bake and taste traditional holiday recipes she has perfected.  All menu items will be gluten and dairy free and good enough to share with All your guests! What’s on the menu is a surprise, but you will leave with recipes and fresh inspiration for your holiday menus!  If you have a favorite recipe that you need help modifying, bring it along.

Holiday Breads Made Easy!

It could be time to change up the usual holiday cookie baking routine with the kids!  See how easy it is to make these four different European Holiday Breads from Italy, Greece, Germany and Denmark.  Go through all of the steps to make each of them with Henry’s guidance.  Take home the recipes, the experience and the loaf you bake off in class. Bring your favorite apron!

Blissful Belly from Ayurvedic Tradition

Ayurveda has a long history of creating delicious meals that are used as medicine to heal the digestive system.  Sample a gourmet meal designed to rehabilitate digestion: Gogi Quinoa Pilaf, Veda Kraut, Fennel Roasted Winter Squash, Curried Chard and Cauliflower plus Turmeric Tonic. For dessert Fermented Chocolate Cake with Ginger Chutney. Leave class feeling happily satiated!

Red the Sister to Green: Classic Northern New Mexican Cooking

Master an authentic red chili sauce, the dried sister to green chili.  See how the rich red chili flavor transforms Shredded Beef Enchiladas.  Other uses for this delectable, silky sauce, like Carne Colorado, will be demonstrated .  After a menu of spicy flavored entrees, enjoy a traditional flan for dessert.  Gluten free and vegetarian options for all the recipes will be discussed.

Read Your Lips

With “selfie” photos you can learn how to track changes in your lips to skillfully fine-tune your diet, upgrade your energy and rebuild your health.  when you eat what your body can assimilate, your lips regain their natural color, precise borders and smooth texture.  This lively class features a Power Point presentation with before and after photos of people who changed their diet and their smiles now beam!  Time permitting there will be in-class lip diagnosis.  Bring a hand mirror to class.

Exotic Dishes to Spice up Your Thanksgiving Feast

Add a little exotic variation to the most predictable  of Americana buffets.  In this class you will not only go from Turkey to Pumpkin Pie, you’ll go from Turkey to Nigeria, Belize and Tahiti.  Enjoy: Turkey ala French Duck, Peruvian Mashed Potatoes, Nigerian Yams, Belizean Baked Plantains plus Turkish Fig and Cranberry Chutney.  For dessert, Tahitian Stuffing with Taro.  A variety of local and international wines will be paired with the meal.

Herbal Bitters

Bitter herbs are classic digestive remedies.  But did you know that help regulate appetite, support healthy weight and balance sugar and carbohydrate consumption?  Come learn about herbal bitters and get a basic DIY primer on making your own based on a two-thousand year old formula. A holiday basket of bitters will be given away at the end of the class!

To register for this free class, please call Gretchen Phillips at 541-552-5454.  Seating is limited, so don’t wait too long!

My Bombay Kitchen

My Bombay Kitchen

Niloufer King thinks her kitchen should have a sign that says : Bar and Grill. We Never Close. She loves easy effects and in this class, you can explore exciting and authentic appetizers produced with minimal effort and easily available ingredients. She's also a gifted storyteller, weaving together the traditions and flavors that form the fabric of modern Parsi home cooking.

Fall’s Super Food Harvest

Learn how to combine brightly colored fall fruits and vegetables for maximal nutritional benefit and taste.  On the menu:  Italian Parsley and Pistachio Nut Pesto Crostinis; Wild Greens Salad with Fig and Pomegranate Vinaigrette; Butternut Squash and chick Pea Stew; Quinoa and Wild Rice Pilaf with Toasted Hazelnuts.  For dessert, Coconut Caramelized Apples with Sour Cherries or Cranberries.