Free Lectures

Graphic Design

Sasha Timen, owner of a look: design, will be sharing about the wonderful world of graphic design. If you are a business owner and wonder how a designer would help you this will be a great lecture to attend!

Follow your Intuition

Would you like to follow your intuition better? We all know that following intuition is important but do we have the skills to follow it in every situation? That’s what this class is about! Join Mark Rich for this clarifying, time tested and proven information.

Living a Liberated Life

Have you ever wondered why your passion in career, relationship or other domains of your life has never blazed to its fullest? Join Heidi to understand how your conditioning is impeding your ability to know who you are in essence and how you can create the life you dream about!

The Probiotic Revolution

The Human Microbiome Project has accelerated research on probiotics exponentially. This talk will review the history of probiotics and then present some of the newest studies that explain why our probiotic bacteria are the “New Frontier” of health and medicine.

Cut-up Poetry To Go

The twists and turns of cut-up poetry can be wacky and elucidating. Words/phrases are cut from a variety of texts, then put together to make a poem. It's fun and good for your brain. Poets and non-poets welcome. All materials provided.