Free Lectures

Dr. Hauschka Skincare Event

Join Dr. Hauschka trained Holistic Esthetician, Rosie Dunaway, for an engaging evening learning how to care for the skin’s unique rhythmic cycles using Dr. Hauschka's innovative and distinct formulas. This hands on, luxurious experience will leave your senses primed and your spirit inspired. Bonus, all attendees will receive a free Dr. Hauschka gift!

To reserve your spot, email Mahlea at [email protected], or call me 541-552-5460

Message in a Bottle: How a Glass of Wine Led to Understanding Fibromyalgia and Other “Mystery” Illnesses

Dr. Force will cover how developing a formula for wine headaches led to understanding the role chemical intolerance in fibromyalgia and other chronic and complex “mystery” illnesses. He’ll also talk about natural and man-made chemicals in food and the environment that can challenge your health and what to do to protect it.

Mushrooms: Fungi Perfecti

Robin Yeager is the NW Manufacturers’ Representative for Host Defense Mushrooms. HOST DEFENSE is a comprehensive line of Immune Supportive Mushrooms. Robin will speak of the history of humans and mushrooms, fungi and their history with the planet and importance of mushrooms  to early humans cross-culturally around the world.

Herbal Allies for Kids

Learn about the herbs that support children’s well being during the winter months. Autumn will share about the kid friendly combinations Herb Pharm offers such as Echinacea, Elderberry, Astragalus Immune Avenger,  Immune Fortifier, Cough Crusader and more.