Free Lectures

Understanding Medical Cannabis

This lecture will help demystify this “ancient medicine” by sharing the latest scientific research, so that we may better understand its diverse medicinal properties—including the therapeutic effects of the chemical compounds—cannabinoids and terpenoids. Current medical marijuana laws in Oregon will also be discussed

Women Today

Love yourself!  Did you know that confidence and self-worth are not the same thing?  As "The Women's Photographer" Lauren has a unique perspective on today's everyday woman.  She will answer this question by sharing her personal experiences with courage, confidence and self-worth.

Happy Gut: A flora Adventure

We believe that a happy gut makes a happy life! Class will begin with the story of Flora, and her adventures and tribulations in Intestinople. We will then talk about the digestive process, why probiotics are integral to good digestion and balanced micro-flora within the gut. Take-away 3 wellness tips!

The Probiotic Revolution

The Human Microbiome Project has accelerated research on probiotics exponentially. This talk will review the history of probiotics and then present some of the newest studies that explain why our probiotic bacteria are the “New Frontier” of health and medicine.