Free Lectures

Clean Eating

Confused by the overwhelming glut of nutrition information?  None of the nutritional philosophies hold the complete truth.  The key is understanding our individual needs rather than a set of predetermined rules. Gain information about how primary foods are connected to secondary foods.

Herbal Allies for the Heart and Head

Learn about the herbs that can support the heart and healthy cardiovascular function and help bring focus, clarity, enhance our moods and lift our hearts.  Autumn will focus on the single herbs and combinations that Herb Pharm offers such as Hawthorn, Heart Health, Brain and Memory, Bacopa, Anxiety Soother, Good Mood and more. Includes samples to taste.

Love Yourself; Love Your Money

For Valentine’s Day, offer love to every aspect of yourself as you discover the mind/body/money connection.  Explore subconscious programming and limiting vows that may be sabotaging your life and your finances.  Empower yourself by using EFT/Tapping as a transformational tool to release your blocks to love and abundance.

Winter Therapeutics

Live a life of greater vitality and wellness. Be proactive  to prevent winter immune stress and seasonal mood change. Gain insights into simple but effective methods to Gain new lifestyle, nutrition and supplement strategies to support a healthy mood and immune system.

Registration required. Please contact Gretchen in Outreach (541)552-5454 to reserve your spot.