Free Lectures

Cut-up Poetry To Go

The twists and turns of cut-up poetry can be wacky and elucidating. Words/phrases are cut from a variety of texts, then put together to make a poem. It's fun and good for your brain. Poets and non-poets welcome. All materials provided.

Enzymes for Digestion and Beyond

While supplemental enzymes are well-known for digestive benefits, many have yet to discover their ability to support other bodily systems. Join us for an enjoyable, interactive evening in which we’ll explore digestive AND therapeutic enzyme use, as well as their safety, efficacy, and scientifically proven benefits to health and wellness.

Living in Harmony: Autumn

Chinese medicine offers simple wisdom and practices for staying healthy through the seasons. Suzanne has taught her Living in Harmony series for many years, sharing a wealth of information and experience. We’ll discuss some basic precepts of Chinese medicine along with foods, herbs, nutrients, qi gong and lifestyle for Autumn.