Free Lectures

A Beautiful You: Radiant Skin and Weight Loss During Mid-Life and Beyond

Are you struggling to lose those extra pounds?  Does your skin lackluster or feel swollen, red, or irritated?  Is cellulite getting you down? This is not just a natural aging process.  Let’s explore simple ways to a more beautiful you via daily routine, food, cleansing, and gut health. 

Whole Health EducationⓇ: Making the deep emotional shifts necessary to create lasting

Join Sari for an enjoyable and informational evening about Whole Health EducationⓇ coaching and advocacy. This is a powerful, research-based protocol designed to allow you to take control of your health through Behavioral Engagement with Pure PresenceTM within The Five Aspects of HealthTM: Physical, Emotional, Nutritional, Environmental and Spiritual.

The Science of Improving Health

Most health conditions can be slowed or reversed. Learn from a Functional Medicine perspective how the inter-relationship between our gut, immune system, brain, hormones, etc. impacts health. Learn how imbalances may cause brain fog, fatigue, mood issues, pain, autoimmune syndromes, diabetes and thyroid problems. Learn how you can turn this around.