Free Lectures


See what Flow, a nourishing and enlightened form of touch has to show us about connecting deeply with life and each other.  Use it to explore: letting  go of agenda, listening with our whole selves and seeing how to take a deeper look at “what works”.

Komboona Beauty

If kombucha rejuvenates and alkalizes internal organs, what might it do for our body’s largest organ, our skin?  Learn how this local esthetician discovered ways to use kombucha to ease adult onset acne, psoriasis and provide general skin toning.

Immune Supportive Mushrooms

If you would like to know more about the power of medicinal mushrooms to support immune function, don’t miss this opportunity. Robin will describe how the mushrooms are sustainably grown at the Fungi Farm in Shelton Washington and then processed to become a comprehensive product line known as Host Defense.

KENTRO ® Body Balance

Discover the joy of a healthy back and body at any age with the innovative Kentro Centering Movements.  Resolve muscle and joint pain yourself by integrating Kentro with your activities, from sitting at the computer to gardening.  Feel ageless agility.