Members and Committees

Current Board Members

President- Gwyneth Bowman - End of Term: 2016

Gwyneth is passionate about our Co-op’s quality of service delivery and the availability of safe, healthy organic and GMO-free natural food for our community. She joined the AFC Board of Directors in 2004. She served as Board President for five years and as Secretary for three years. Other leadership roles at the Co-op include serving as the Chair of the Board Executive Committee and recently serving as Chair of the GM Search and Hiring Committee. She has been a member of the Board Finance Committee, Board Outreach and Board Development Committees.

A creative visionary who views the “big picture” as an avenue to solve issues and concerns, she believes in the importance of collaboration with others and has conducted many workshops on team-building, problem-solving and decision-making, conflict resolution and communication skills. Gwyneth fosters equity, provides innovative leadership and is an avid supporter of public health safety. Advanced skills include Public Health Leadership and Organizational Development. Encompassed in these include a value-based approach to prevention, open systems focus and change, strategic planning and mediation.

Gwyneth is a Registered Professional Nurse and has served thirty-three years in leadership positions. Fifteen of those were as the administrator of an organization that had seven diverse divisions, one of them a non-profit Food Share. She has three undergraduate degrees and a Masters in Public Health from the University of Washington, with a minor equivalency in Business Administrative Management. She obtained a post-graduate certificate of achievement from the Public Health Leadership Institute for Scholars, a one-year program sponsored by the University of California and the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia. She is a native Oregonian and has had numerous professional affiliations. She served on two Governor Taskforces and was Chair of the Oregon State Conference of Local Health Officials for several years. She was a clinical instructor and Adjunct Professor for Leadership and Management with the Oregon Health Sciences University and also served as an Adjunct Professor for Southern Oregon University. She is very enthusiastic about empowering and mentoring others.

Vice President - Joanie Kintscher- End of Term: 2015

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Sustainable living has been the focus of my life for the last 40 years.

Raising a family on a small farm in Danville, CA, I headed up a county 4-H program where animal husbandry and horticulture were integrated into a program of environmental consciousness.

For the last 25 years my husband and I ran an organic fiber farm that was part of local college curriculum in the Napa Valley, helping adult students and their families to adapt the principles of organic living. During that time I also help to establish a Waldorf style Charter School in the Valley that emphasized the sustainable earth teachings of Rudolph Steiner.

I have been working with the Master Gardeners in California and Oregon since 2000, practicing and teaching the concepts of individual responsibility for sustainable gardening practices. I look forward to working with the Ashland Food Co-op Owners to continue on this path.

Treasurer - Charles Douglass - End of Term: 2015

Charles Douglass

Charlie has spent the last 50 years building a successful career in the food industry.  Starting in his family’s candy business at age 9 and apprenticing with a Swiss Candy maker to learn all aspects of the confectionary trade.  Ever the restless type and looking for more adventure in his life, He moved to the Ashland area in 1975 to homestead 40 acres up in the Greensprings.  During that time, he volunteered time at the Co-op once a week as the herb buyer and re-stocker.  In that same time period he worked with a close friend to inform the Greensprings community about a proposed power line that threatened to bisect the community.  Working with neighbors, state officials and legislators,  Charlie helped to further understanding of the impact this project had on the area.  The campaign was successful in moving the project to a less imposing location.  This was a beginning of working with others for a common goal that  has become an important direction in Charlie’s life.  Working on the Co-op’s outreach committee for three years was such a fun and rewarding experience that being on the Co-op Board is a continuation of that service that Charlie enjoys most.  Employed at Harry and David for the last 31 years, Charlie is a full time Chocolatier and R&D Manager.   His passion for food, organic and local, as well as sustainable crops and energy are what feeds his commitment to community and our local economy.

Secretary - Ed Claasen - End of Term: 2014

Ed is a retired organization development consultant. Prior to retirement he was the Director of Consulting for the Grove Consultants lnternational, a San Francisco-based organization consulting firm that utilizes its unique form of graphically-enhanced facilitation to assist organizations and teams which are undertaking processes of planning, revitalization and renewal.

His consulting practice focused on team effectiveness. He has worked with a wide variety of leadership teams and project teams. He co­authored the Team Leader Guide, a rich resource for team leaders based on the Drexler Sibbet Team Performance Model.

After conducting a strategic planning process for the Save-the-Redwoods League in 1997, Ed was invited to join the League’s Board of Directors to help the organization implement its strategic plan. As a director and then Board vice president (2000-2002) and Board president (2002-2008), he helped guide the organization in moving to a more engaged Council and membership and implementing a planning and performance management process that was driven a clear set of strategic initiatives.

Prior to joining The Grove Consultants, Ed was responsible for the training and organization development processes at SRI International. Ed did his undergraduate studies in physics at Rice University and graduate studies at Stanford's Graduate School of Business. His passions are running and helping preserve CaIifornia’s ancient Redwood forests. He and his wife, a Jungian analyst, have 4 sons. They live in Ashland.

Staff Director -Phil Johnson - End of Term: 2014

Phil Johnson

Phil was born in the southern plains of Amarillo, TX. His family moved for much of his young life around different parts of Texas, the United States, and overseas to Germany. After High School, Phil attended the University of Texas at Austin where he studied towards a degree in Environmental Resource Management. It was during his time at the University that Phil was first exposed to the cooperative movement. Phil moved into a housing cooperative where he learned of the cooperative principals and the benefits of cooperatives in general. It was also during this time he began working at Wheatsville Food Co-op, Texas’s only food co-op. After graduating from the University of Texas, Phil accepted a full-time promotion to Floor Manager at Wheatsville. He served a one-year term as Staff Director and was eventually promoted to Grocery Stocking Supervisor.

While working at Wheatsville, Phil also met his future wife Andrea (of course she was a co-op shopper). Phil and Andrea got married and decided to explore life outside of Texas. After visiting Ashland, and the Food Co-op, they decided to give it a try. So, after 5 years of service at Wheatsville, they packed up a truck and were westward bound. After arriving in Ashland, Phil quickly became employed at the Ashland Food Co-op and was promoted to his familiar position at Floor Manager. He has now worked at the Co-op for 7 years and wears many different Co-op hats in addition to Floor Manager.

Phil and Andrea now have a 3-year old son named Austin and are very happy with life in Ashland. Phil is also a songwriter and bluegrass musician, currently playing mandolin in a group that is a local favorite, Eight Dollar Mountain. He looks forward to serving as Staff Director at the Ashland Food Co-op, one of the most successful food cooperatives in the nation. In addition to being an extremely successful business, AFC has become so much more, almost a way of life. AFC is such an important part of the community, helping to foster the local good food movement, many important personal relationships, and is increasingly a model of sustainable business for many to look up to. Phil looks forward to helping the Co-op grow, support its staff, and move in a positive direction into the future.

Director -Sheila Carder- End of Term: 2014

Sheila Carder

Sheila Carder and her husband Ben are the owners of SunStone Artisan Bakery, a wholesale organic bakery built on their property in Ashland. Sheila and Ben started their bakery with the vision of creating a business that would nourish the body, mind and soul of the community.

Sheila comes to the Ashland Food Co-op Board of Directors with more than ten years experience as the development director for environmental and community non-profits. She holds a B.A. in Marine Biology and Environmental Education and a graduate degree in science journalism. She has worked as a journalist in the Australian Outback, designed exhibits for zoos and aquariums around the world, and has served as the media liaison for the Australian Institute of Marine Science and broadcast media coordinator for Stanford Medical Center News Bureau.

Her interest in farming and food evolved as she realized that all of our hard work to save endangered species is for naught unless we change the way we grow our food. She is a graduate of the UC Santa Cruz Agroecology program, holds a permaculture certificate from the Regenerative Design Institute and is trained as an organic inspector. For many years now, she has dedicated time and energy to awakening community awareness as to the economic, social and environmental importance of supporting local organic agriculture and food production.

The Ashland Food Co-op has served as a role model for communities throughout the United States. As a member of the board of directors, Sheila is committed to continuing to support the co-op’s role as a leader in sustainable business practices. As economic pressures increase nationally and worldwide, Sheila believes that the Ashland Food Co-op can play an important role in setting the standard for local and national business practices, and can help provide guidance and support to help revitalize local economies. Key to such success is providing a rewarding work environment for employees and nurturing a thriving local economy that cares for the environment and the well-being of future generations.

Director -Gary Einhorn- End of Term: 2016

Gary Einhorn

Gary has lived in Ashland for 25 years. He was the creator, owner, and manager of Beardsley's Natural Foods, a distributor of organic, natural, and specialty foods from 1988-2006 in Ashland. He is presently a Business Coach/Consultant in private practice. He also facilitates Peer Discussion Groups of Business owners under the umbrella of Thrive. He is the Business Coach for KSKQ 89.5 Community radio in Ashland. He is active in the leadership of University Toastmasters and a member of the Ashland Chamber of Commerce.